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Hydroponic Veg and Bloom Switches 1260W S6 Led Grow Light Full Spectrum

LED Power: 1260W
LED Brand: Epileds & Bridgelux
Actual Power Consumption: 300W
Colors: red, blue, green, white, IR and UV
Full Spectrum: 630nm, 660nm, 430nm, 470nm, 12000K, IR 740nm, UV 410nm
Lifespan: >50,000 hours 
Input Voltage: AC85-265V
Working Frequency: 50~60Hz 
Working Environment: -20~40℃, 45%~95%RH
Main Advantage: Optical lens for much better lighting penetration 
Product Size: 460*340*85mm
Packing Size: 430*160*525mm
Warranty: 3 years

1) 3 minutes for disassembling and reassembling.
2) Replace any component within 3 minutes without any special tools and/or expertise.
3) Unique technique of standard module design. Plug-and-Play key components of LED optic lens, PCBS, heat sink and power supply are designed into standard modules respectively, so as to achieve PNP and inter-changeable within this series of products.
4) Latest LED optic lens. These optic lens is the latest optics technology for high lighting efficiency. 25% or more of lighting efficiency will be improved.
5) Air-circulation system designed to improve the plants' photosynthesis and growth. So as to improve the plants photosynthesis and growth significantly.
6) Latest power supply with low frequency pulse increases 15% of the growth.
7) Unique function of self-checking and indication for malfunction. R&D an online self-checking technique. Once any malfunction occurred, self-checking cirsuit will light the LED, which in the centre of each light-module, to indicate abnormal performance or malfunction that should be fixed.
8) Exclusive Design: checking and indicating defects automatically.
9) Conveniently cross-connection of this series products with daisy-chain power cord design.

Package Content:
1 * S6-1260W LED Grow Light
1 * Hanging Kit 
1 * Power Cord




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